About Us

Carmedy & Associates was established in 1989 in Orange County, California by Dennis E. Carmedy. The company’s primary focus was consulting with local manufacturing companies, starting out by offering three services: cost reduction, process improvement, and management training.


In 1991, as the company grew, the territory was expanded to Mexico, servicing American and foreign companies with factories operating throughout the country.


As the service territory expanded, so did the Carmedy & Associates team. In 1994, the company was able to offer additional services, including: sub-contracting, shelter operations guidance, joint ventures (USA/Mexico), maquiladora startups, site location, leases/purchases negotiations, key personnel recruitment, profit and loss (P&L) projections, transportation analysis, Customs classifications for imports/exports, permits for maquilas (labor, health, building, customs), plant layout and design, accounting (USA and Mexico interface), and human resources (key employee recruitment, company by-laws, and cultural appreciation).


By 2004, Lean Manufacturing training and implementation services became available to our clients. Dennis received his training and certification from San Diego State University. Since its initial offering, Carmedy & Associates has conducted several Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement”) events to help our clients develop work cells, improve efficiencies, and establish one-piece flow where applicable.


In the late 2000’s, Carmedy & Associates identified new opportunity for expansion in the American Midwest. In the decade prior, the manufacturing industry saw resurgence in this area of the country, and it is positioned for growth over the next decade and beyond. In 2010, the company expanded once again when they opened a new office in Akron, Ohio to serve the Midwest.

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