Improving performance of companies

We offer a distinctive and outstanding experience to our customers, ensuring favorable outcomes that stay constant and sustainable after our commitment.


Carmedy and Associates offers a wide variety of services that are flexible to the needs of each organization

Financial Performance Improvement

Financial Performance Improvement

We provide services that impact the P & L from the moment we engage and we provide an ROI after our assessment prior to commitment.

Culture Change

Culture Change

We create a company culture that promotes achievement by changing Values,  Attitude & Behaviors
Management Development

Management Development

Our Leadership Development Program is designed to work side by side with your leaders to demonstrate how we use the tools and techniques effectively.

What our clients say

Our clients are always surprised how quickly we generate results (days not weeks or months). We engage the team immediately and drive change rapidly. This creates a shock affect and employees believe the changes are real and serious. As the team members see their names attached to the success stories on the communication board they buy into the process and the continuous improvement environment is alive! We build on this momentum to attack problem areas as a group with the team members leading & driving the events.

"Dennis led the TrinityRail, LLC team in Monclova, Mexico, in establishing the largest tank car manufacturing operation in the world. To-date, the single largest project ever undertaken and completed by Definity Partners, LLC."
Matt Higgins
Strategic Account Manager (Definity Partners, LLC, Cincinnatti, Ohio)
"Dennis is the best operations guy I know. His diverse background and experience in many industries and his people skills allow him to achieve change quickly."
Bill Broadhurst
President (Partners in Plastics, Medina, Ohio)
Dennis is a dynamic leader and team builder. People respond positively to his management style and even though he sets high expecations and drives hard, the team is on board."
Dick Roach
Vice President & General manager (Furakawa, Inc., San Jose, California / Mexicali, Mexico)
Mr. Dennis Carmedy worked with our company in establishing a "maquiladora" operation in Tijuana, Mexico. I have been impressed with not only his experience in this field but with his broad management expertise.
Don Heye
President (Hyspan Precision Products, San Diego, CA.).


We offer tactical skills and flexibility in choices to clients

Carmedy & Associates was established in 1989 in Orange County, California by Dennis E. Carmedy. The company’s primary focus was consulting with manufacturing companies in the USA & Mexico, offering three services: Cost Reduction, Process Improvement, and Management Training. Over the years we have expanded these services to include Lean Simulations, Lean Implementation and Turn Around Execution .

Company was founded
Years of experience
Satisfied Clients


We have rendered our services with them over the years

On many occasions our clients have been repeat customers of our services such as cost reduction, process improvement, and management training.